Giving back in a new way.

The St. Vincent De Paul Building is located at 235 Wick Avenue in Youngstown, Ohio and was constructed in 1924. The 27,000 square-foot, three-story building was most likely a garage in its early years with retail frontage along Wick. In the early years, Youngstown Sample Furniture Company occupied the storefront, and was later home to the Strouss’ Music Center operated by Stanley Strouss that sold musical instruments on the first floor and provided lessons on the second level. In May 1972, the Strouss’ Music Center moved to the sixth floor of the downtown department store.

After the Strouss’ Music Center relocated, the building was sold to the adjoining Masonic Temple and used by the U.S. Census Bureau. In October 1980, Sebastian Music Center, located at Belmont Avenue, purchased the building for $155,000 with plans to relocate its store and open an auditorium for concert recitals.

In June 1989, Sebastian announced that the Wick Avenue store would relocate to the Huntington Woods Mall. By 1993, the building had became home to the St. Vincent De Paul thrift store on the first level which closed in May 2006 after 10 to 20 bricks fell from the top of the building that damaged two vehicles. As the thrift store was not generating sufficient income in its latter years, the St. Vincent de Paul Society opted to close the store permanently and placed the building up for sale.

In order to make the building more attractive to potential buyers, St. Vincent De Paul completed $115,000 in repairs, with the city providing $20,000 towards the project. It was sold to USA Parking Systems, Inc., a Cleveland company owned by Lou A. Frangos, on June 29, 2007, only to sell the property on March 29, 2012.